HOPE Taxi - a ride sharing service coming to Helsinki

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HOPE Taxi - a ride sharing service coming to Helsinki

ViestiKirjoittaja HOPE » Ke Elo 22, 2018 11:09 pm

Dear reader!

I am writing on behalf of HOPE Taxi, which is a new ride sharing service, based in Tallinn, Estonia.

We are soon expanding our services to Helsinki and are searching for drivers, who would be interested in earning extra money.
Our service is available on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and it is also web-based for making orders.

I would like to shortly introduce you to our service and would like you to consider forwarding this information to any driver which would be interested in registering for our service in Helsinki.

What we have to offer:

1. We are a growing service with a stable and simple application, programmed by a professional and experienced company.

2. Our prices are fixed and do not depend on demand. Our prices only change at different times of the day, for example morning and evening rush hours and weekend nights.
Our prices vary for different categories as well. For example, drivers with vehicles with more than 4+1 seats (minivan, small bus) have the right to better rates.
Also we look forward to adding a Premium category for all premium/luxory class cars.

3. We have a very simple pre-ordering system directly in our HOPE application, so clients can make sure they have a taxi at their specified time and also the driver can organise their rides/working times.

4. Our HOPE application is built to be as simple as possible for ordering a taxi/private driver. Everything is only a few clicks away.

5. For drivers we will have a fixed commission. NO procentage.
This means no matter how much the ride costs (if it is as low as 6 EUR or maybe as high as 30 EUR), the commission is still the same.

6. We will have a cancellation fee. For example when the driver has started driving towards a client and the client cancels, they will be charged a certain amount, and this will be added to the drivers account.

7. Our service will use traditional cash and card terminal payments and will also support direct in-app payments via credit cards.

We hope you will consider taking part in our service.

For any questions I will gladly help and do my best to answer.
You can also contact me directly via email joosep@hope.taxi

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Joosep Arrak


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Re: HOPE Taxi - a ride sharing service coming to Helsinki

ViestiKirjoittaja Michelin » Ma Tammi 21, 2019 7:12 pm

Finnish language would be an advantage.

Palaa sivulle “Uudenmaan keskustelut”


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